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Kenny Chesney “Sad to See” Negative Response to Sugarland Cancellations

Kenny Chesney has issued a statement about the negative fan response to Sugarland‘s cancellations during his Sun City Carnival tour. The band dropped out of stadium shows in Dallas and San Francisco and will not perform with Chesney in Salt Lake City on Thursday night (July 23). On fan sites, message boards and blog comments on the Internet, Sugarland’s lead singer, Jennifer Nettles, has been criticized for booking studio time in San Francisco on the same day as a concert. In a video message on the duo’s Web site, Nettles later apologized for her voice problems and for canceling the shows. She also cited ongoing health issues and noted she was ordered to undergo vocal rest by her doctor. Chesney’s statement read: “It was really sad to see the way some people reacted to Jennifer needing to cancel her appearance in San Francisco last weekend — and it seems to me we should all be concerned about her long-term vocal health more than any single show that she may not be able to do. Naturally, I’m disappointed she’s not out here with us — because she is a friend as well as an act I know the fans enjoy — but I think it’s more important that she have the time to heal properly, rather than forcing herself to try and rush back onstage. I know she’ll be back before the summer and can’t wait to have her back out there. But it’s about doing the right thing and we should all be supporting her in that.”


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